Reply To: GP 18.6.1695 (2023) Sales Cards Customers Deletion

  • Kerry Hataley

    May 3, 2024 at 8:52 am
    Down Accepted answer

    Hello Clay,

    A couple of *** ADVICE NOTICES ***

    1. I am assuming you have a Record Retention Policy and are following that. Thus there are no tax records or Management Reporting needed for these customers.
    2. You have data archived and management has signed off that these can be customers transactions can be removed from the accounting system.

    To delete any Customer the following conditions must be true…

    1. The Customer needs to have a zero balance
    2. The are no ORDERS for the customer
    3. ALL transactions are in history

    Next, you need to remove all sub-ledger Receivable Transaction and Sales Transaction records.

    I always run BOTH, just in case someone entered a sale in SOP or Receivables.


    1. Remove Historical Transactions (Receivable – Non SOP Sales)
    1. Sales >> Utilities >> Remove Transaction History
    1. Range = Select ONLY the Customer you want to DELETE
    2. Verify that ‘Transactions’ and ‘Distributions’ are selected (Bottom left corner)
  • Remove Sales History (SOP Sales)
    1. Sales >> Utilities >> Remove Sales History
    1. History Type = Transaction
    2. Range = Select ONLY the Customer you want to DELETE
    3. Remove both ‘Transaction’ and ‘Distribution’
  • DELETE Customer
  • That is it…

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