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Making Sense of AI and Hyperautomation

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What's Inside

Automation, as we know it, has evolved to include complex, multi-faceted technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), robotic process automation (RPA), hyperautomation, and digital process automation (DPA). Given the advanced nature of these technologies, and Microsoft’s hefty investments in OpenAI/ChatGPT, it is crucial that users understand the impact that these tools have on business processes and Microsoft applications today.

This exclusive AI and hyperautomation guidebook offers valuable insights into how to make sense of emerging tools such as these. Our group of experts, including Microsoft MVP Aaron Back, 3x Chief Marketing Officer Scott Vaughan, Chief Information Officer Kenny Mullican, Chief Data Officer Wayne Sadin, and others share real-world practitioner insights on:

  • The ways that ChatGPT helps with AI code generation, what it solves, and what it doesn’t.
  • Why marketing professionals are gaining confidence in and embracing AI, and how it’s accelerating the customer journey.
  • Why the benefits of AI and hyperautomation go beyond impacting employees and how they influence customers
  • Why machine learning operations (MLOPs) matter and how they can improve machine learning (ML) success.
  • Understanding the security and implications of generative AI as it relates to bias and data leakage.
  • How AI is being applied by the U.S. army to spawn digital transformation

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