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Embracing Change: A Comprehensive Guide to Automating Tax Compliance for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Users

What's Inside

In the Acceleration Economy Leadership Minute episode “Why Technology Is the Key to Change Management,” 4x CEO and Practitioner Analyst Tony Uphoff shared three reasons why change management fails. Number one: organizational inertia. Number two: fear of failure. And number three: poor leadership. If leaders are not skilled at managing change or do not fully support change initiatives, it can be challenging to adapt effectively.

Change management focused solely on technology will always fail. Strong leadership is needed to drive the “why” of any new technology initiative, increase employee engagement and adoption of the technology, realize the ROI and potential of the technology being implemented, and deliver successful revenue outcomes.

As a user of Dynamics 365 and a CFO in the Professional Services Industry, Manny Korakis knows first-hand the importance of technology to help balance tax compliance and revenue success. Manny notes in this guidebook that, “If you make mistakes when charging sales tax – you probably have an unhappy customer on your hands…and you’ll likely have penalties and potentially have to pay the sales tax out of your own company profits!”

Additionally, Ronak Mathur, Automation Architect for Mater Hospital and Microsoft MVP, has deep technical, hands-on expertise with Dynamics 365 providing him with a real-world perspective on the benefits of easy integrations to reduce human errors.

“Avalara’s ability to integrate without disrupting existing workflows or systems is a major benefit. This not only helps businesses save time and avoid mistakes, but it also ensures that they are always in compliance with the most recent tax regulations,” Ronak noted in his “The Solution to Tax Filing Headaches: Simplifying the Process for Businesses with Tech-Enabled Solutions” article.

The bottom line: This guidebook brings these ideas together to help you understand the complexities of navigating and managing change, especially in highly regulated industries or geographies – as there is no more difficult area to navigate than taxes!

Here is what you can expect to gain from this guidebook:

  • Leading Change Management with Culture, Co-Creation, and Communication
  • The Top 9 CFO, CDO, & CISO Priorities for Tax Automation Success
  • The Solution to Tax Filing Headaches: Simplifying the Process for Businesses with Tech-Enabled Solutions
  • Keeping Changing Business in Compliance: Why Automation Should Be Part of Your Tax Compliance Strategy

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