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Building a Business Case for P2P Automation in an MS Dynamics 365 F&O Environment

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What's Inside

Why building a business case matters

Today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving business landscape demands that upper management (i.e., the c-suite) focus on streamlining business functions as much as possible. This places greater emphasis on things like cash forecasting and analytics, growth management, risk mitigation and regulatory compliance.
As a result, members of the c-suite have a greater role to play in the procurement of solutions related to financial and administrative functions. It is therefore the responsibility of P2P and finance managers to demonstrate how P2P automation will not only modernize the procurement and AP departments, but translate into benefits for the entire organization. By building a well-thought out and strategic business case for automation, P2P and finance managers will dramatically increase their probability of convincing the c-suite that:

  • The benefits of P2P automation are too encompassing to take a back seat to other projects.
  • The IT department will not be burdened with new infrastructure requirements or changes.
  • Any new solution will not require transformative changes on the part of P2P staff or vendors.
  • Automating the P2P process is not only a company cost-saver, it makes the jobs of all key
    stakeholders easier.
  • Integration with existing MS Dynamics systems and MS Dynamics 365 F&O systems will be seamless
    and non intrusive.

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