Biz Apps Partner Podcast: Kopis CEO Andrew Kurtz on Partner Collaboration, Rising Market Trends

Welcome to the “Biz Apps Partner Podcast,” a weekly video series designed to decentralize intelligence about how partners can scale their Microsoft practice by having short, to the point discussions with Microsoft leaders in product, engineering, marketing, partner management, programs, and more.

In this episode, John Siefert is joined by Andrew Kurtz, CEO, Kopis USA, to discuss rising market trends, the importance of upskilling the workforce in the era of generative AI, and the value of collaborating with partners to solve business problems and address customer needs.

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Key Takeaways

  • About Kopis: Andrew describes Kopis as a systems integrator focusing on the SMB space, with some enterprise customers. Originating from custom software development, Kopis aims to engage with customers earlier in the problem-solving process, identifying business objectives and technological obstacles to provide effective solutions. The goal is to be seen as a knowledgeable partner who can navigate the Partner Network on behalf of the client.
  • Rising market trends: Andrew reflects on three big trends in the market: cybersecurity, talent retention, and artificial intelligence. He emphasizes the importance of cybersecurity in system integration and the need to educate customers on this aspect. Specifically, the focus on system modernization will greatly impact a business and its strategy.
  • Upskilling the workforce: As it relates to the other trends, Andy reflects on the increasing difficulty in finding, retaining, and training employees, intensified by the pandemic. He suggests automation and upskilling as a means to address workforce shortages, and notes the importance of AI, particularly machine learning and generative AI, in enhancing capabilities in the SMB market.
  • Problem solving with partners: Andrew advocates for collaboration among business leaders and their teams, highlighting the value of sharing knowledge and experiences to solve common problems. While competition can exist, it is more beneficial to learn from each other. Overall, the goal is to build a network that supports mutual growth and effectively addresses customer needs.
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