Biz Apps Partner Podcast: BDO’s Tom Patterson Defines How Customers Can Stay Ahead of Rising Tech Trends

Welcome to the “Biz Apps Partner Podcast,” a weekly video series designed to decentralize intelligence about how partners can scale their Microsoft practice by having short, to the point discussions with Microsoft leaders in product, engineering, marketing, partner management, programs, and more.

In this episode, John Siefert welcomes Tom Patterson, Microsoft Dynamics Practice Lead, BDO, to discuss the company’s Dynamics practice, the value of collaboration in today’s evolving tech ecosystem, and how customers can stay ahead of rising trends.

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Key Takeaways

  • BDO’s Dynamics practice: Tom explains that BDO’s business applications practice is dedicated to implementing a wide range of Microsoft solutions including Finance & Operations, Customer Engagement, Business Central, and Copilot, with a specialized focus on Azure, AI, business intelligence, and security infrastructure to ensure client success. “Being able to deliver across that entire stack is certainly a differentiator for us and a lot of other partners as well.”
  • Engaging with BDO: Collaboration among partners, clients, and Microsoft is key to BDO’s success, especially as the industry shifts towards cloud-based solutions, and this collaborative approach has been a cornerstone of their business for over 30 years, enabling them to deliver successful solutions globally.
  • Rising trends: Copilot is garnering significant attention for its integration with Office 365, Dynamics, and web applications, prompting a need for education among partners and clients on its optimal use. Leveraging AI, including Copilot, to deliver the best solutions, with Power Platform is also a considerable trend for its app development capabilities without altering Dynamics code, and global deployment strategies for Microsoft solutions.
  • Customers staying up to speed: In the rapidly evolving Microsoft ecosystem, staying ahead with continuous training and readiness is crucial for partners. A solid implementation methodology and a comprehensive understanding of the Microsoft stack or strong partnerships are key to providing clients with successful solutions and architecture across Microsoft’s offerings.
  • Collaboration in the ecosystem: Collaboration is essential in today’s Microsoft ecosystem, where partners, clients, and Microsoft teams work closely to navigate the complexities of the industry. The information and connections provided by Microsoft are invaluable for partners to operate effectively and avoid “driving blind” in the dynamic tech environment.
  • Connect with Tom: Register for the Biz Apps Partner Summit, happening July 24-25 in Bellevue, Washington to meet Tom Patterson and learn how to dazzle customers, get insights into Microsoft’s FY 2025 priorities, and scale your Microsoft Business Applications practice.

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