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Understanding the Tech, Impact, Process & Potential of Microsoft Copilot

What's Inside

You might have seen all the buzz about Microsoft Copilot, one of Microsoft’s AI solutions, throughout 2023. In Q1, we had the big splash of Copilot bursting onto the stage. Then, we saw more and more announcements about additional Copilots (yes, there is more than one!) for the various Dynamics 365 and Power Platform applications.

Now that we are in 2024, I foresee this being the year of Copilot in Production – meaning, we will see more practical, real-world use cases emerge as Copilot goes from hype to reality. Further, Microsoft’s removal of Copilot license minimums means that companies of any size can start using Copilot which will continue to fuel the Copilot in Production reality. 

However, you may be someone still on the fence or hasn’t started your Microsoft Copilot journey. That’s why Dynamics Communities put together this guidebook as a resource for you and your company to understand what’s truly needed to jumpstart things.  

Here’s what you can expect to learn throughout this guidebook: 

  • How To Get Started with Microsoft Copilot Studio 
  • What You Should Consider When Getting Started with Copilot Studio 
  • Security and Microsoft Copilot – What You Need to Know 
  • Get the Most from Your Microsoft Copilot Prompts 
  • How Business Users Can Effectively Collaborate with the New Work Assistant, Microsoft Copilot 
  • Microsoft Copilot is Creating a New Type of Manager 
  • Microsoft Copilot Considerations for IT Pros 

Keep this guidebook handy as you reimagine what’s possible with the most disruptive technology in the universe. 

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