Print payroll check history with G/L

  • Print payroll check history with G/L

    Posted by DSC Communities on April 7, 2017 at 11:42 am
    • Lisa Levendusky


      April 7, 2017 at 11:42 AM

      There has to be a canned report that runs this.  I want to look up payroll checks by employee that gives me the pay codes, the amounts, and the G/L account where it was posted.  it seems that I can either look at the pay codes OR the G/L, but not both on the SAME report.  We have a clearing account that picks up anomalies, and when there are multiple issues with a single check, it’s pretty hard to decipher what pay amount or deduction is being dumped into that account.  Please don’t tell me this is done through SmartList.  Payroll Check History does not allow me to drill down to the distributions. 

      Lisa Levendusky
      Exceptional Persons, Inc.
      Waterloo IA

    • Tom Franz, CPP


      April 7, 2017 at 12:11 PM


      In most cases within Dynamics GP, there is no direct relationship between a particular payroll transaction and a specific GL distribution record. The only exception is for when “Post in Detail” has been enabled on the Posting Settings window for Payroll. Enabling this feature greatly increases the number of distribution records sent over to the GL from payroll. Even then, there is not a report that displays this relationships after posting. The Posting Edit window is available that will displays these relationships, but it must be accessed after the Calculate Checks process, but prior to the Print Checks process.

      By default, Dynamics GP summarizes the distributions for an employee check by GL account number. Thus a distribution record for one pay code could be summed with the distribution record for another pay code. This gets even more complex with wage ratioing deduction, benefit and tax distributions that may be spread out over multiple distribution accounts. For example, you could have a single payroll transaction for the employer match for 401k, but have it distributed to a large number of GL accounts depending on the department and position of it based on wage transactions.

      Ultimately, I am unaware of a way to drive to what you are looking for natively within Dynamics GP. However, the GPUG community is pretty creative, so I wouldn’t put it past someone to have a creative idea for this need.

      Hope this helps a little.

      Tom Franz, CPP
      Client Engagement Manager
      Integrity Data
      Lincoln IL

    • Leslie Vail


      April 9, 2017 at 1:56 AM

      While it’s not guaranteed that someone didn’t change the distribution account, the system keeps track of the GL accounts that it sent up to the GL. This information is recorded in the Journal History tables. Have you looked at the Reprint Check Posting Register? That report will, by audit trail code (read check run) identify each employee and the G/L accounts involved. Navigate to:
      Payroll/HR | Reports | Payroll | Reprint Journals | Check Posting Register

      If you are comfortable with the database tables, I think the tables involved would be

      • UPR30100 Payroll Check History
      • UPR30300 Payroll Transaction History
      • UPR30301 Payroll Transaction History Header
      • UPR30400 Payroll Distribution History Detail

      I haven’t written the report, but it seems like the data in those tables is what you might need.
      Kind regards,

      Leslie Vail
      Accounting Systems Consulting, Inc.
      Dallas TX

    • Pam Robertson


      April 10, 2017 at 10:53 AM

      I know what you mean, Lisa.  We have a customer with an extensive set of payroll accounts, and when they were first running GP payroll, it was pretty labor-intensive to find the department/position/code combinations that were missing that caused entries to hit the default clearing account.  We looked into creating a report or smartlist, but the links just aren’t in the payroll distribution history table.  The best you can do, as far as I know, is to post in detail and use the Payroll Distribution Breakdown History report (Payroll/Reports/History/Distribution Breakdown History) to identify the department, position, and employee ID, then go to that particular employee’s transaction history and see if there is any transaction or combination of transactions that add up to the amount,  then go to the Payroll Posting Accounts Setup and make sure the department/position/code combination is set up.

      I thought I had created a product suggestion that the pay/deduction/benefit/state code be added to the payroll distribution history file, but I couldn’t find it this morning, so I created a new suggestion.  Go to this link to vote for it:

      I hope this helps.


      Pam Robertson
      Senior Consultant
      Diamond Software
      River Ridge LA

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