Dynamics GP Manufacturing Order Questions

  • Dynamics GP Manufacturing Order Questions

    Posted by DSC Communities on February 21, 2017 at 4:12 pm
    • Randy Edge


      February 21, 2017 at 4:12 PM

      We new to Dynamics GP Manufacturing and have a few questions that I hope are simple to answer.

      1.  Is there a good way to preview an item’s standard and current cost before we create an MO receipt?
      2.  How do you change an BOM once a Manufacturing Order is created.
      3.  What is the correct way to change an MOs start and end quantities when closing it out?

      Any guidance would be appreciated.

      Randy Edge
      Instore Design Display
      Kansas City MO

    • Michael Nunes


      February 22, 2017 at 3:12 AM

      this is brief but may help get started. I am sure others will jump in to add more detail
      1. Not sure without it in front of me but if anywhere it wil on the expansion windows of the mo entry window which shows wip information
      2. You can revise BOM for future mo but any mo already created from a version of the BOM would need to manually amend/add the different components using the component entry window
      3. Changing the end qty to reflect the actual produced qty is recommended in order to consume tthe correct consumption material from wip and return unused components but this really subject to how you have the module setup. 

      Michael Nunes
      Senior ERP Consultant
      M4 Systems Ltd

    • Sunny Mattoon


      February 22, 2017 at 5:38 PM

      Hi Randy,
      When you are on the MO Entry window or the MO Receipt Entry window, you can use the GoTo>>MO Variance to see what the value is of WIP and how that compares to the Standard Cost of the item.  You will want to click on the Standard Cost Variance tab in order to see that.

      Another option is to drill into the Item Number on the MO Receipt window to get to the Item Maintenance card which shows you Current and Standard Costs.

      As for changing the BOM, once you’ve clicked the build Picklist button, the MO now has an MO-specific BOM called the picklist.  You have a few options if you need to make changes. 
      1 – If you haven’t begun to transact against the MO, you can click the Build Picklist button again and it will replace itself with the latest BOM data. 
      2 – You can simply edit the MO Picklist by using the GoTo>>Picklist from the MO Entry window.  In the picklist you can add/remove components, change quantities, modify component settings such as backflush etc.

      How you maintain the original start/end quantity can depend on your setup, reporting needs and process.  The MO Receipt window allows you to put in the actual quantity received and from there you can have this consume WIP/ backflush labor and components etc. based on what makes sense for your industry and setup.  So the answer to this one is “it depends”…

      Sunny Mattoon
      Sr. GP Implementation Consultant
      InterDyn BMI
      Portland OR

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