A tree of row formats in FRx – how do I mimic in MR?

  • A tree of row formats in FRx – how do I mimic in MR?

    Posted by DSC Communities on February 3, 2017 at 12:24 pm
    • Stuart Gallion


      February 3, 2017 at 12:24 PM

      One of our most used FRx report catalogs is made of one of our standard column formats and a tree that consists of a collection of row formats. This allows our users to print any or all of our departmental P&Ls by choosing from the tree listing that opens when the report is run. (Please see the attachment for screen shots of the tree in FRx & MR.)

      My question is: Can we duplicate the functionality that this tree provided in FRx in MR or am I going to have to build new reports in MR using each of the row formats in the FRx tree? I can see where in MR I could make a report group of all the reports, but could my users pick and choose among the members of a report group at runtime?

      Stuart Gallion
      Project Accountant/GP System Administrator GP2016/FRx6.7
      Stanford Hotels Corporation
      San Francisco CA

    • Frank Heslin


      February 3, 2017 at 7:47 PM

      Hi Stuart,

      I haven’t tried using different Row Definitions inside of a Tree, but we use a single Row Definition, defined in the Report setup, and when you click Generate you can then choose any or all of the Units in the tree at run-time similar to FRx. (see screen shot) You would need to make sure that your Row Definition contains a row for every account that could have activity in at least one P&L.  You can also set the Print Control in the Column Definition to suppress any rows that have all zeros or are blank.  This would help for the P&L’s that don’t have certain accounts in them.  Unless there are too many variances among the calculations, then all bets are off. 

      I’m curious to hear from others that may do something similar.  I’m always surprised by the variations that different users have with their reporting, and how they end up making it work.

      I haven’t used Reporting Groups either, but from the research I did do on them when we first migrated to MR, and from reading some of Steve Erbach’s MR posts regarding grouping, that it is an all or nothing proposition. 

      Hope this helps!

      6wypPq3yS1m7VZWq3Dkt_MR TREE.png

      Frank Heslin
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      ExamWorks, Inc.
      Atlanta GA

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    • Annette Brown


      February 6, 2017 at 10:20 AM

      HI Stuart,

      No, you cannot duplicate your EXACT report from FRx in MR since you can only use one row definition in a tree, unlike what you were doing in FRx. I had another client doing exactly what you are doing with multiple different row formats for the various departments. In their case we did end up having to create multiple different report Definitions to do what the one catalog in FRx used to do.

      We did setup a Report Group to allow them to run them all at the same time and that was ok for them. But when they were going to run the departmental reports they would always run all departments at the same time. If you want the ability to pick and choose departments on the fly you would need to run them independently and not part of a report group as the report groups are an all or nothing option. NOTE: You can Print or export all the individual reports into a single XPS or Excel workbook via the Report Group Distribution page in the Webviewer. So we can handle the printing and Exporting as you had it before from FRX. Just in case that was going to be your next questions.  Let me know if you want to see that explained I can link you to a Webinar I did on “What do  with the Web Viewer”.  

      What Frank suggested may be an option as well depending on what each of the Departmental row formats look like. My questions would be what are the differences between all the row formats for each of the departments in FRx? Would it be possible to create a single row definition in MR that would accommodate all the departments? There are ways to make the row be dynamic to only show the accounts, description, etc for the department it is associated with. I have also helped clients consolidate their row formats from FRx into a single row definition in MR since they didn’t realize they didn’t need to have a separate row format for each of the departments.

      You have options we just need to get you to the one that works best for you.

      Annette Brown – Sr Implementation Consultant
      InterDyn BMI
      Roseville MN

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