Reply To: Managment Reporter – Unposted Journal Entries GP2018

  • Chris Giesbrecht

    May 10, 2024 at 1:02 pm

    Sorry, just realized you were looking at the open table. Then I would think those are likely stranded records. Could be caused by one or more of the following.

    1. GP crashed while someone was entering a JE and had not assigned a batch to it. Because GP will write the transaction to the database as it is entered it will put the user name in place for the batch before the document is saved in a batch.
    2. Posting error. If there was an error while posting a document that wasn’t in a batch and it didn’t finish moving the JE properly to the open year table. You could check if the document exist in open and current year tables.
    3. 3rd party product. If you have ISV products that are creating transactions, that could be another road to explore.

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