Reply To: Enter Receipt Option in the Bank Transaction Entry

  • Jo deRuiter

    February 28, 2024 at 1:59 pm

    Hi Tammy:

    Pamela is right, but let me expound on that.

    If you do a Receipt, whether it is in Bank Transactions or in Customer payments then the next step is to go to Financial>Transactions>Bank Transactions and go to Bank Deposits.

    There you can group each individual receipt into the grouping you put on the deposit slip for the bank so that your bank deposit matches to the penny what you said you put on that deposit in GP – you can have multiple checks going to the bank and that’s why this functionality is here – to group the transactions into the deposit you took to the bank.

    Many people in GP2016 and above have their customer receipts going directly into the bank in GP – this is a setting in GP, but this is not true for Bank Transactions so you must do the extra step there.

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