Reply To: Smartlist – Customer Statement past due invoices

  • Jo deRuiter

    January 19, 2024 at 9:43 am

    Hi Christine!

    In SmartList, the Receivables Transactions SmartList (SL) is what you want to run. To pull currently open (due) receivables open the Receivables Transaction SmartList list by clicking on the expansion + button. Here you see a list of previously built reports – the asterisk * is a default report provided by Microsoft. Any of them with an Asterisk were built by Microsoft – and they are okay, but for adequate reporting you’ll likely want to add columns.

    For the SL you are wanting, in the command bar click COLUMNS and then ADD and highlight and choose any of the aging buckets – i.e. 31-60 days, etc to see the clients balance in that bucket – otherwise you want to pull in the following columns:

    Document Amount – the original invoice or credit memo amount

    Current Transaction Amount – the amount left owed on the document

    Due Date –

    Void Status


    At least these columns – but choose any others you want to see – you are NOT altering this for anyone else – only you can see it.

    Now, in the command bar, choose ‘Search’ and in the first search criteria choose the column “Current Transaction Amount” and in the filtering command choose ‘Is Not Equal To’ and enter zero (0) – this will filter out all transactions that have been fully paid.

    In Search, also choose to search on the column Void Status and choose either ‘is equal to’ ‘Normal’ and the next search field, choose the column Posted and filter that to ‘is not equal to’ ‘No’

    You are now left with a list of exactly what is left due in Receivables – but importantly this is a snap of what is due RIGHT NOW – not yesterday or next week, for that you must run the Historical Aged Trial Balance report in the Sales Module.

    Good luck and let us know if you have any other questions!

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