Reply To: eOne Solutions – Smart Connect, Extender

  • Steven Friebe

    June 30, 2023 at 10:06 am

    We use it quite a bit to both import and export data. We export data to various other systems and partners. For importing, it is mainly used to bring orders from other systems into GP. Though we also have it set up to help bring in CC transactions from a few systems and automatically match them to invoices and apply the payments as well. Some of the external systems don’t quite have the data in a format needed, so they go through a process built in house to first get the data ready for import. Then smartconnect does the rest. We use the GP Rolling Column feature to get the next SOP or transaction number during import.

    We also have used it to track changed records in GP and then upload that data to CRM systems as well on a schedule.

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