Reply To: Decimal places for Unit/Standard cost

  • Kim Dallefeld, MVP

    June 5, 2023 at 3:42 pm

    Dave is correct in that the unit cost on the Inventory Valuation is calculated from the value divided by the quantity. However, for standard cost items, the system is ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS going to use the standard for any transactions.

    I have seen a spreadsheet used to load data into BC and though it looks like 0.69 in the Excel cell, it’s really 0.690698295079908. Since BC will store 17 significant digits that number is fine to be accepted. I would suggested exporting your items with the unit cost field and see if you have that issue. Whether you do or not, I would run a Standard Cost worksheet and true up all my costs, making sure to run the Revaluation Journal to true up any amounts that are required.

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