Reply To: Lanham EDI 856 ASN Summary Type

  • Charlotte Kinney

    May 24, 2023 at 6:25 pm

    Create a ship-to record called DROP and leave the address blank. Set the Packing Rule. Create the EDI Customer Cross Reference. The Packing Rule’s “ASN Summary Type” = Ship>Order>Item>Pack (since you really want Order>Item>Pack, this is the closest).

    Set “Increment Level 2 (ASN) = TRUE (for order)

    Set “Increment Level 3 (ASN) = TRUE (for item)

    Set “Increment Level 4 (ASN) = TRUE (for pack)

    When you do the mapping for the HL segments (01 and 02), map using the BOL Summary Line “Advanced Line No.” and “Advanced Parent Line No.”

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